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Chief Kadie: The Power of Female Leadership in Sierra Leone

Chief Kadie: The Power of Female Leadership in Sierra Leone

#HumansofKarma shines a light on some of the exceptional people who make our drinks a reality. From Giuseppe, our Sicilian organic lemon farmer, to Albert, the brilliant chair of the Karma Foundation and this week; Chief Kadie.

Chief Kadie is the female democratically elected leader of Boma village in Sierra Leone, whom we work closely with through the Karma Foundation. She comes from a strong line of female chiefs, each teaching the next what it takes to be a great leader, and paving the way for future generations. ⁠⁠

Alongside ensuring the safety, prosperity and happiness of the village, she also stepped up to the table when Honest Burgers came to visit, and cooked up a banging meal for our travel-tired Karma team and friends. ⁠⁠

A little while back, Albert was back in his home country of Sierra Leone and took 5 to catch up with the no-nonsense matriarch. Check out Albert’s chat with this inspiring woman below. 

Kushɛ Chief Kadie. Tell me, what's it like to be a female chief?

I’m serious about my responsibility of being Chief of the village. I don’t mess around, or pander to views of what I should be like because I'm a female chief.

How were you appointed as Chief? Your Mother was chief too so it must run in the blood?

The village and elders all thought very well of my mother and that she was a very good chief. They knew that she had trained me well so they appointed me knowing that I would be a good chief too. 

How do you manage all the responsibilities that come with being village chief? 

It's not difficult, I have an incredible team. I have the chair lady whose job it is to make sure issues around the village and the leadership are addressed. We also have a women's leader, who trains the girls in fishing and other practical skills like that. The youth leader makes sure the young people are behaving properly. Finally there are the elders, who advise me and the team. It’s just my job to oversee all of that. 

As they say, it takes a village (and maybe one fierce boss lady right at the top).⁠⁠

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